Once a Bear, always a Bear! As a Holy Family alumnus, you are part of a special community of thousands of former students who have gone on to be leaders of faith and service throughout the community. We want to ensure our valued alumni are informed and up to date with what’s new at our school. Please complete the form below to share your updated contact information with us.

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Board of Education

The role of the board of education/school board is to give advice, provide consultation, make recommendations and suggestions, give support and encouragement to the pastor/canonical administrator and program administrators, and establish policies with the approval of the pastor/canonical administrator which will enable the stated mission of the programs to be accomplished. A board of education/school board has purview over the education programs provided by the parish, region, or diocese.


Holy Family Foundation

Since 1991, the Holy Family Foundation has helped ensure that Holy Family Catholic School has sufficient resources to provide an exemplary education. The financial support that the Foundation provides is critical to the operating budget and long-term sustainability of Holy Family Catholic School. Donations to the Foundation have a profound impact on the future of Holy Family students, the well-being of their families, and to the community as a whole.

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