About Holy Family School

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Holy Family Catholic School, as an extension of church life, to nurture families and provide for students' quality education rooted in the Gospel of Jesus and the traditions and practices of the Catholic Church.


Therefore, we believe that Holy Family School exists to

  1. Provide an environment in which the richness of each student's heritage is celebrated.
  2. Provide an academic program which challenges students to reach their highest potential.
  3. Utilize current technology to prepare students for the world tomorrow.
  4. Enrich student and family life by facilitating access to a variety of church and community resources.
  5. Partner with parishes in the formation of parents and children as active participants in their community of faith.



Birth and baptismal certificates are needed at Kindergarten registration or first time registrations. We will make a copy for permanent files.

Baptism and First Eucharist certificates are needed by all incoming 8th graders at registration time.