Holy Family Catholic School is fully accredited by the state of Iowa and offers the only year-round schooling option in the Diocese of Des Moines. Our school philosophy is centered on the core values of Faith, Excellence, Community and Service.


Our focus is to provide your child with an educational setting where faith is incorporated into the curriculum and daily routine to provide a foundation for success. While Catholic faith is the cornerstone of our school, we welcome students of all faith traditions. 


Holy Family offers a transformational education by positioning our students for future success through classroom innovation and a unique academic calendar. We maximize student learning with 15 additional school days while providing strategically timed breaks throughout the year to help reduce learning loss among our students. This consistent educational structure allows for a smoother transition between grade levels, as students can build upon their knowledge without significant gaps.


Holy Family boasts a student body with a rich diversity not seen in most Iowa schools. In fact, 97 percent of students represent diverse racial and cultural backgrounds with 15 different languages spoken. And while some of the school’s students are second, third, or even fourth-generation legacy families, nearly 3/4 of the student body are first-generation Americans. Holy Family celebrates all heritages and prepares its students to thrive in a pluralistic society.


We are committed to helping each student develop their unique talents, skills, and interests in service to God and others. Students develop servant leadership through participation in service projects rooted in helping others. Annually, our middle school students provide over 800 hours of service in the local community.

Academic Overview

Early Childhood Education  

Recognizing that the earliest years of a child’s life are some of the most formative, children should have access to high-quality educational opportunities as early as possible. Our early childhood education program provides faith-based, socio-emotional learning opportunities for children in Preschool (3-year-olds) and PreKindergarten (4-year-olds). 

Half of the day for PreKindergarten is covered by the Iowa Universal PreKindergarten benefit and includes common core aligned curriculum. The second half of the day involves social, emotional play-based learning with special classes such as physical education, art, music, and religion.  

Contact us to learn more at 515.262.8025 ext 159.

Elementary Education

Our teachers challenge your child to aim higher in every aspect – academically, spiritually and  personally – so they can achieve their potential. We offer numerous academic support and enrichment opportunities for our students including:

Elementary Resources

Only 45 of our current 239 students have not been in ELL at some point in their time here. 88 of our 239 are currently enrolled in or ELL program.

School Handbook

The School Handbook is vital for all to understand the expectations of the school. It guides our school community throughout the year to ensure we all are moving in the same direction. Parents are required to sign an acknowledgment indicating they have read and understand the handbook at the start of every school year.

Student Handbook


Holy Family, along with schools across Iowa, participates in the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). ISASP is a standards-based assessment designed to inform schools and families on how students perform on the Iowa Core Academic Standards. Students performing at the proficient level demonstrate adequate competency in the knowledge, skills and abilities that meet the requirements for their grade level associated with academic readiness for college and a career in the subject area. Thirty-eight percent of Holy Family students qualify for English Language instruction. Yet despite potential language barriers, students at Holy Family thrive and this is evident in the school’s ISASP scores.

State of Iowa (Percent Proficient)Holy Family (Percent Proficient)
8th Grade ELA67%96%
8th Grade Math60%84%
8th Grade Science60%83%

Our numbers tell a story too.

240+ Students in PS-8
98% Receive Tuition Assistance
1:11 Teacher to Student Ratio
97% Student Diversity
16 Languages Spoken
15 Additional Learning Days


Under Iowa law, public schools are required to provide transportation services to eligible resident non-public students. For K-8 students, families are eligible if they live more than two miles away from the non-public school of attendance. Learn more about transportation reimbursement.